AMIGA text by Post Brothers
TITLE: AMIGA Works at Swallow Gallery, Vilnius
DATE: 2021
TITLE: Stills 10 by Stephanie Ling and Casey Wei
DATE: 2021
Festival of Different and Experimental Films Paris
TITLE: Distracted Blueberry article by Borja Castillejo Calvo
DATE: 2020
Article by Geoffroy Dedenis
TITLE: Awarded Chaos Star
DATE: 2020
Article by Geoffroy Dedenis
TITLE: That Sensation of Chaos Signed Barry Doupé
DATE: 2020
Antimatter Media Arts Festival
TITLE: Steve Reinke blurb on Distracted Blueberry
DATE: 2019
Distracted Blueberry Documentary
TITLE: My Private Experience of Barry Doupé's "Distracted Blueberry"  in Vancouver (2019)
DATE: 2019
Barry Doupé in conversation with Clark Buckner at Telematic Media Arts
TITLE: Online Interview
DATE: 2020
Distracted Blueberry Q&A with Barry Doupe
TITLE: Online Interview with WUFF
DATE: 2021
Folded Paintbrush Interview with Curator Deborah de Boer
TITLE: Q&A: Barry Doupé
DATE: 2023
ReIssue Magazine [#Creative]
TITLE: Excerpt from 100 Pages of Poetic Writing (2010-)
DATE: 2021
Mostly Moving Interview with Jonah Primiano
TITLE: Interview with Barry Doupé
DATE: 2020
100 AMIGA Paintings Documentary
TITLE: Ambivalent Pleasures - The Vancouver Art Gallery
DATE: 2017

Canadian Art Magazine
Decoy Magazine Inerview with Dan Starling
TITLE: Telephone: Artists Interviewing Artists
DATE: October 22nd, 2016
Canadian Art Magazine
Canadian Art Feature Article written by Jon Davies.
TITLE: You Can't Hold Back the Ocean with a Fork
DATE: Winter 2016 (December 15, 2015 - March 15 2016)
Border Crossings magaizne article written by Lee Henderson.
TITLE: Tales From the Creeped 
DATE: March, 2010
TITLE: Making sense with experimental animator Barry Doupé 
DATE:June 22, 2012 Interview about The Colors that Combine to Make White are Important with Ben Sachs.
TITLE: Animate Projects Interview 
DATE: September, 2008I talk about Ponytail on the night of its Premiere at the Whitechapel Gallery in London, UK.
TITLE: Shudder-Shutter-Shatter
DATE: January, 2010 
Written by Esther Leslie, Shudder Exhibition at the Drawing Room Programme Essay.
TITLE: Arts Report CITR Radio Interview 
DATE: May 2008 
I talk with CITR about the Vancouver screening of Ponytail.
TITLE: Ponytail Essay 
DATE: May, 2008 
Ponytail Essay by Constanze Bauer
TITLE: Directions For Getting Lost 
DATE: Fall, 2007 
Pyramid Power Magazine Article written by Chris Gaudet.
TITLE: Film Stripped 
DATE: 2009 Discorder Magazine Article written by Sarah Buchanan.
TITLE: At the Heart of a Sparrow 
DATE: March, 2007 Pleasure Dome Screening, Essay written by Jean-Paul Kelly.
TITLE: North by Northwest CBC Radio Interview 
DATE: September, 2011 "Adorno's Nose" Jarry Bus Shelter Project, with the City of Vancouver Platforms Public Art Program
TITLE: Whose Toes interview with Jessica McCormack at
Articule Gallery (Montreal, QC) 
DATE: February, 2011 (1Hour)
TITLE: Comix: Three takes on The Art of Comics by Beverly Cramp. Galleries West Magazine.
DATE: May 14, 2013
TITLE: Here’s to the Underground! The L Magazine. Written by Caroline Golum.
DATE: March 12, 2014
TITLE: The Colors that Combine to Make White are Important, The Animated Works of Barry Doupé Fabulous Festival of Fringe Film. Written by Nelson Henricks.
DATE: August, 2013
TITLE: Life and People Brochure.
DATE: September, 2014
TITLE: Yokna Patofa Interview, Infomental Magazine.
DATE: July, 2012